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About InstantUsd

InstantUsd (INSTANT USD LIMITED) is totally legal private investment company incorporated in the United Kingdom.

InstantUsd offers its clients a profitable investment opportunity in trading futures in the commodity market, the stock market and the foreign exchange market as well as in a relatively young cryptocurrency market. Namely operations in the volatile cryptocurrency market give us the greatest profitability.

The professionalism of our traders and analysts allows us to notice trend changes timely and take measures to correct the trading strategy, which leads to an increase in the number of successful transactions.

The company has a number of unique trading techniques that make use of highly intelligent and self-learning trading systems. We also have our own software developments and trading algorithms, which enable us to considerably improve the efficiency of transactions and reduce the time required to study market trends to make the most optimal trading decisions.

InstantUsd highly draws attention to safety of its clients investments. It means that our analysts and experts in economics and finance do a huge work of monitoring, analysis and forecasting the situation on the markets. Their recommendations allow to respond quickly to processes occurring on the exchange, so there can be no price fluctuations which cause negative consequences.

Every client who made an investment in trade with us can be sure that cooperation with us is a guarantee of deposit security, timely payment and stable growth of your income.

Our Company Reg. number: #12597217. Office address:18 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3DU

Who We Are

InstantUsd (INSTANT USD LIMITED) is totally legal private investment company incorporated in the United Kingdom.

The investment plan enables you to earn as soon as you make a deposit. If you place a deposit, your daily profit will be from 600%. Investing your capital on our platform, you are guaranteed to get a stable income. Your daily profit is automatically credited to your personal account.We also provide our customers with profitable partnership and cooperation 3-10% referral commissions.

Reg. number: #12597217.

Why us?

  • Genuine Investment Platform
  • High Interest Rates
  • Extensive Trading Expirience
  • Strong DDoS Protection
  • Technical Support 24/7

Our Advantage

UK Registered Company

INSTANT USD LIMITED is a UK registered company to provide its fund management services to clients. Reg. number:#12597217.

Instant Withdraw

All payments are processed instantly. If the wait takes long time, please check your e-currency account primarily than contact us.

Rotection and Security

We use Sectigo SSL Security for protect all investor data. All your money is safe in our company at any time.

Professional Team

Our team has developed an automatic system that allows you to get quickly profits without any risks.We also provide 7*24 support

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